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Monday, August 22

Androids of War

David Tremont of Weta Workshop was kind enough to send me a copy of his first book, published through Weta. A great piece of documentation taking you through the steps for creating original miniature work.

From concept to the fabrication of original robot dioramas, to photographing and compositing's all pretty fantastic. The craftsmanship and talent is quite astounding.

Pick it up. That's not a suggestion. :)

(Thanks to Christian Pearce for the recommendation)

Androids of War
Facebook page

Thursday, June 23

ASETIC, mecha

ASETIC, mecha

Hi guys, first post here. super glad to be amongst such crazy skilled artists, thanks  to Lorin for the invite. time to kick my game up, whew!! 

heres a mech i did a while back, i try to mix an american and japanese styles (american anime), although i love the japanese old school style i do not feel right copying that style so i try to make a style of my own but still in those veins. i like to work off of some pretty loose thumbnails and kind freestyle my way through it. 

if your interested you can see some of my other works, on my website or facebook, thx guys hope i can keep up!!


Lone Bot

Hello everyone! :)

A lonely damaged bot walking in the desert.

You cand find more on my website:

Thursday, April 7

Mecha Tank Battle

Hey guys! Here's concept I've created a while back as an experiment. Really had a fun making it! I loved playing Armored Core; blasting through the terrain in high speed combat. So I thought I'd make something like it :)

Hope you like!


Thursday, March 24

First Post!

Hey guys! I'm Moh and I'm new here so this'll be my first post! It's awesome that I can share my mechs with you, and hope I don't disappoint!

Here's some I've done a while back as an experiment using various techniques to achieve something almost realistic and believable. I've been pretty inspired by MGS when I was a kid, and kitbashing a tank is something I always wanted to do! Hope you like.

You can find more of my work on or my Artstation.


Tuesday, March 1

Col Price

Welcome our latest edition to the NBM clan: Col Price. A unique vision on the theme.

For more of Col's work, follow him on Artstation or visit his portfolio!