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Thursday, December 1

QuadroMEK Yellow from TLEINDUSTRY

A customer ordered the mech in yellow. We thought we want to share this. Hope you like.

Thursday, November 10

"Apache Mech", fountain pen and mixed traditional media (ink, markers, no PC). I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, November 6

Sundays Dog Walker

Thanks Lorin for adding me to the list.

Here are some renders of the robot I created a few years ago for the short film Sundays.

Sunday, October 9


ANDROMECH for GRENS: a 6.5 feet tall humanoid mecha designed to assit heavy exoskeletons piloted by humans.

Wednesday, September 14

QUADROMEK, A spider mech scale resin model from TLEINDUSTRY.

This is the process of putting the mech together. It is a resin cast scale model mech that stands over 10 inches tall and spreads 15 inches wide. Its 100% poseable with every joints. The video above has some stop motion action to show how easily it can be posed. Please visit our for more photos and videos. It can be purchase as a resin kit or a completed finish version. Thank you for watching and sharing.

Monday, September 5

Quadromek- a spider mech scale resin model from TLEINDUSTRY. (legs section only. WIP)

This is the legs section of the Quadromek. A four legs robot mech that we have been working on for a while. It will be a scale model that able to be posed in every joints. We did a quick stop motion just to show it flexible joints just for fun. 100% resin hand built and can be purchased with finish or parts. The final version will be posted soon. Hope you like and share. Please visit www. for more work from us. Thank you.

Monday, August 22

Androids of War

David Tremont of Weta Workshop was kind enough to send me a copy of his first book, published through Weta. A great piece of documentation taking you through the steps for creating original miniature work.

From concept to the fabrication of original robot dioramas, to photographing and compositing's all pretty fantastic. The craftsmanship and talent is quite astounding.

Pick it up. That's not a suggestion. :)

(Thanks to Christian Pearce for the recommendation)

Androids of War
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